Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Farmer Interview - Teaching the Vocabulary of Farming: Writing and Speaking Lesson

Students learn the vocabulary of farming, revise how to make questions, and practise their speaking, listening and writing skills.

As a final task and after they wrote their own "farming parody", I got the students to make up the profile of farmers, who became famous making videos about their farm.

The first step is to create the farmers' profiles. They will have to give them a name, decide what they are famous for (videos, songs, invention...), and create a farm with machines, tools, cattle and/or crops. They also have to explain what they like or don't like doing on the farm, and why they decided to become farmers.

This writing activity is followed up by a speaking activity in which students role-play an interview of the farmers.

You can find the worksheet below:

Farming Parody Stars Worksheet

Teaching ressources activities materials lesson plans. Farming English: Create a farmer profile and an interview.   General farming vocabulary. Speaking and writing activities.

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