Sunday, 19 February 2017

100+ Farm Machines and Tools French-English Vocabulary

A comprehensive French-English list of farm machines and tools designed for land-based engineering, farm and Ag equipment maintenance and services students.

After hours of combing the net in a desperate search for such a list, I was left with no choice than to face the fact that I would have to do it myself. Needless to say putting this list together was a rather time-consuming, monotonous, yet instructive process.

So I started up with browsing the big tractor companies US websites such as John Deere or Case IH for example, in order to make a list of farm machines currently used in harvesting, seeding, tilling, milking ... 

But the most difficult part was to find the translations in French. One website which helped me was Machine Finder for second-hand farm equipment, as I was able to look up the equipment in English and it would put up the list of all related items in French. That and spending some time digging into John Deere and Case IH French website, which turned out to be less straightforward than expected as not all US tractors are retailed in France.

Eventually, I presented it to a group of very dedicated apprentices, who know a great deal about farm equipment as they all work in dealerships, and we spent one hour reviewing the translations of my list.

That was the only fun part of the process. Seeing those 17 students so involved, throwing questions and translations at me, discussing, debating and explaining. Plus I think it was very rewarding for them to see that I had taken their corrections very seriously and handed out to them a corrected version. They were slightly less enthusiastic when I told them they were going to have to learn the words on the list. 

Here is the list that we came up with:

Farm Machines and Tools French-English Vocabulary

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