Friday, 16 December 2016

Tractor Troubleshooting English for Mechanics Listening Lesson

Students learn English vocabulary for mechanics and practise their listening and speaking skills.

Another Rachel Gingell video on mechanics! Students are already familiar with her because we have worked on 'how to easily fix tractor hydraulics'. 

1. Listening

This time the video is a little long (15 minutes) but I have asked the students to watch it entirely anyway. However, instead of a detailed comprehension, the exercise focuses on a global understanding of the different elements of the tractor she troubleshoots. Among these are the coil, the distributor, the rotor, the gas level, the starter button, the spark plugs, the 12-volt testing tool, the ignition switch, and she also explains how to replace the starter button.

2. Speaking

After doing the feedback, you can ask students what they thought of the video or if they picked up any additional information.

You can also get the students to explain whether they would have done anything differently.

Here is the worksheet and the link to the video:

Why won't my tractor start worksheet 

Why won't my tractor start video

As you will see, it is exercise 1 for it is followed by an extensive vocabulary exercise and a speaking task:

why won't my tractor start vocabulary and speaking

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