Monday, 27 November 2017

Vocabulary Games: General Vocabulary of Farming and Farm Equipment

Students learn or revise some general vocabulary of farming and farm equipment through a guessing game, as well as other vocabulary games, and practise their speaking and listening skills. 

On this document, I have compiled 30 words related to farming and farm equipment (verbs and nouns). 

You can use this document in various ways.

A. Here is what I did:

1. Separate the class into groups of 4 or 5
2. Cut the words (1 worksheet/group)
3. Give each group a set of words and ask them to share the words evenly between each student in the group.
4. Ask students to write a definition of each word they have been assigned. 

This equipment is used to...
It is an action. When you do this, you.... for instance...
It is the opposite of...

5. Play a guessing game. Each group picks a word and explains it to the other groups.  You can get groups to compete against one another and score points.

B. But you can also:

1. Get students to play in their group. Each student reads its definitions and the rest of the group has to guess the word.

2. One student picks a card, shows it to the rest of the group but cannot look at it. He has to ask questions until he guesses what the word is.

3. The last man standing game: the first student gives a word from the list and throws a ball (or any other object) to another student, who then has to give another word from the list. Those who cannot think of a word that hasn't been said already are out.

4. Bingo: ask students to write the words of their choice from the list in a grid of 4 by 3 for instance. Then you can say the word in their first language and they have to cross out the word in English. You can also explain the word in English, or ask a student to explain the word. The first student to cross out all the words on their grid wins. 

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